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Did you ever think what true service is to disabled veterans?

Since the inception of the Massachusetts DAV Transportation Network in 1987, we have traveled over 10,663,000 miles or 425 trips around the planet earth!

These figures increase with the passing of each day. What is even more incredible, all these miles are driven by volunteer drivers who have accumulated over 750,000 volunteer hours. They have driven close to 300,000 veterans from their homes to VA medical centers for appointments. In addition we have purchased 67 vans and donated them to the VA medical centers for a cost of over $2,000,000 in conjunction with our organization’s Columbia Trust. The money raised for these vehicles is from our generous public and our own membership donations.

In Massachusetts we have 5 VA medical centers, managed by our Hospital Service Coordinator (HSC) that schedules the veterans’ rides and the volunteer drivers for these trips. These services are provided free of charge.

For some disabled veterans, reliable transportation means the difference between regular preventative health care and only discovering a condition once it has become acute. Our volunteer drivers are well educated about DAV’s many services and programs, and counsel the veteran during transport to ensure their needs are met beyond their ride. Referrals to Service Officers for claims and benefits assistance, housing referrals, and more are provided to make sure the veterans needs are taken care of. Our drivers are always interactive with veteran passengers to ensure that any additional services they may require are noted and passed forward. 

Transportation Van

As an organization that advocates for veterans, we are aware of the need to develop partnerships with corporations in the Commonwealth that share these goals and understand the sacrifice of the men and women who served in our military. Commitment to their needs is a testament to them that as a community we care, and our resolve is unwavering. We are always looking for volunteer drivers so we can serve even more deserving veterans.

The need is great for Volunteer Drivers. If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Driver, please call our office at 413-435-6870  or email

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